QOS Energy develops Qantum®

Software vendor specialised in energy information systems, QOS Energy powers Qantum®, a web based renewable energy management platform dedicated to renewable energy, smart buildings and smart grids projects. Qantum® enables professionals to optimise the operational performance for more than 4 000 plants worldwide, including 3.5 GW of renewable power.

Qantum® comes as standard with a wide range of functionalities such as performance analysis, maintenance management (CMMS), workflow management, automated alerts or custom reports.

a complete energy management platform

multi-energy portfolios

Supervise at a glance global and individual performance of a large number of distributed facilities and multi-energy portfolios.

to optimise yields

Easily create custom analytics to identify slight, immediate or progressive, performance degradations.

plants to reduce downtime

Fully-integrated CMMS : manage maintenance plans, ticketing system, create contract and plan interventions.

assets, reporting, contracts

Define & manage assets’ contractual, financial and technical parameters. Manage reporting, users and share information with third parties.

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QOS Energy delivers innovative energy management system to SunHydrO’s Solar+Storage R&D project

Nantes, France, June 19, 2017. QOS Energy, a leading renewable O&M analytics software provider, has completed the delivery of an innovative Energy Management System (EMS) to SunHydrO, a combined renewable energy and storage R&D project led by French aggregator Sun’R Smart Energy. The SunHydrO project aims to foster the grid integration of variable renewable energy sources with the added flexibility offered by pumped hydro storage units.

The increased penetration of renewable energy in the electricity network impacts grid balancing capabilities, and requires the introduction of additional flexibility to the energy system. Renewable energy, variable by nature, must…

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