Software vendor specialised in energy information systems

About us

Founded in 2010, QOS Energy is a privately owned independent software vendor.

QOS Energy inherits the expertise of its founders in the field of IT, particularly dealing with complex technical infrastructures for private and local government entities. Quality of Service management specialists – “QoS”, concept covering the availability and performance of infrastructures-, QOS Energy has acquired a comprehensive expertise in the value chain.

QOS Energy aims to always be positioned one step ahead regarding structural or regulatory changes by investing in R&D programs.

QOS Energy has 30 employees and is present in France, United-Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Japan, Brazil and USA.


QOS Energy develops Qantum®

Qantum® is a SaaS renewable energy management platform designed to optimise yield and reduce downtime for a large number of distributed energy facilities. Qantum® offers a wide range of functionalities such as performance analysis, maintenance management (CMMS), workflow management, automated alerts or custom reports.


expertise QOS Energy

Because our clients develop complex projects, QOS Energy is commited to providing the highest level of service every step of the way.
Our dedicated support team is composed of highly experienced engineers delivering compelling bespoke analysis and recommendations to help make the most out of Qantum®. Each of our client has access to a designated engineer ensuring a consistent and efficient support along the way. Each member of the team is trained on a regular basis to ensure the best levels of service.

Management team

> Franck Le Breton CEO   linkedin-icon

> Didier Louedec CFO   linkedin-icon

> Jean-Yves Bellet VP/ CTO  linkedin-icon

> Fabrice Wacogne VP / CCSO linkedin-icon

> Eric Daniel Sales Director – Renewables  linkedin-icon