The best of web technologies to monitor and manage your assets.

Innovation, research & development

Since the early days of the company in 2010, R&D was put at the very heart of this ambitious project in order to position Qantum® as the most relevant energy monitoring platform on the market. The collaborative project SunHydro initiated in 2013 is one of the flagship projects of QOS ENERGY approach to innovation. In this venture, we are designing the information system and developing real-time production capabilities (VPP – Virtual Power Plant) also storage / injection (STEP) and energy trading. These R&D programs emerged from innovations in line with current and future needs of the energy markets.

Agile development methods….

Agile methods are based on a common structure with short cycles of iterative, incremental and adaptive development allowing for greater reactivity and high customer satisfaction. Agile methods are intended to be more pragmatic than traditional methods, they incorporate during the conception phase the valuable input of customers, industry experts and finally our development teams.

Harnessing the open source momentum …

Qantum® benefits from the dynamism and engagement of the Internet community and incorporates the most advanced web technology modules. The Qantum® platform is developed in Ruby, modern and elegant language, which follows the design pattern Model -View-Controller (MVC) very suitable for web development and data manipulation. The Rails framework allows for a high level of abstraction during the programming phase of the application relying on a set of high-level functions. Our team of highly skilled programmer analysts are always ready to tackle new challenges and go beyond expectations.

High availability data hosting

Security and data availability is ensured by an architecture where all data is duplicated in real time on a remote server. Our software runs on a Linux platform based on an interpreted language, it is therefore not subject to external attacks and benefits from the robustness of the Linux operating system. The software and its developments are also duplicated to increase overall system availability. We are contractually committed on an annual availability of 99.5%.