Meet us @ Renewable Energy India Expo > 20-22 September – Greater Noida

Meet us at India Expo Center Booth 10.163 to harness the power of your data using cutting-edge O&M analytics & solar monitoring software solution.


Harness Solar Power ® using Solar O&M analytics & solar PV monitoring software , powered by QOS Energy.

QOS Energy develops Qantum®, a solar monitoring software and O&M management platform that helps solar professionals maximise the performance of more than 5 000 renewable plants including more than 4,5 GW of renewable capacity worldwide.

Qantum® is a flexible, powerful and secure solar monitoring platform which comes as standard with a wide range of features to monitor large portfolios, analyse plants’ performance, streamline O&M workflows and manage assets. Qantum® is compatible with all hardware manufacturers (data loggers, inverters, SCADA).


-> Develop portfolio-wide performance strategy
-> Identify under-performing solar plants
-> Benchmark KPIs at a glance
-> Increase power production
-> Create custom dashboards, analytics, alerts, contracts, reports…
-> Optimise operation & maintenance processes
-> Follow independently suppliers’ KPIs / SLAs
-> Forecast power generation (weather forecast…)
-> Secure all data in one single unifying system


-> Monitor large & complex renewable portfolios
-> Analyse performances to increase yields
-> Maintain efficiently to reduce downtime
-> Manage assets, reporting, contracts & users


-> Multi-energy : monitor any renewable plant or energy source
-> Customizable : Fully customizable by the user
-> Multi-vendor : exchange data with any data acquisition system
-> Powerful : Fast, high-performance & scalable
-> Turnkey : Pre-configured working environment / no complex IT required
-> Open : API and 3rd party data exchange
-> Up-to-date: Regular updates and new features to constantly improve customer experience and value
-> Cloud-based : Available anytime anywhere, on PC, tablet & mobile
-> Reliable : 99.5% uptime guarantee
-> Secure : Highest level of security & data confidentiality

mobile CMMS

Manage maintenance & operations with a mobile

  • Ticketing system and intervention scheduling
  • Create intervention reports with a mobile
  • Plant geolocalisation
  • Document library access (EDL)
  • Mobile-CMMS-portal-solar-PV