Qantum®: Open, flexible & secure renewable monitoring software solution

Increase power and reduce downtime with Qantum®: a SaaS renewable energy management platform

renewable monitoring web platform

Collect data from any renewable plant

Supervise global and individual performance

Customise everything: charts, dashboards, contracts, reports…

Create custom alerts based on measured or calculated data

Streamline maintenance workflows

Automate report creation: technical, maintenance, financial…

multi-energy monitoring platform

Heterogeneous plants ? Qantum® can aggregate a large number of multi-energy facilities.

Renewables | wind | solar | biomass | hydro | marine

Storage | batteries | compressed air | thermal | pump hydro-water

Smart grid | demand-response | virtual power plant | aggregation


Monitor multi-energy portfolios

Supervise at a glance global and individual performance of a large number distributed facilities.

Analyse performance to increase power

Easily create custom analytics to identify slight, immediate or progressive, performance degradations.

Maintain to reduce downtime

Fully-integrated CMMS : manage preventative and curative maintenance plans, react immediately in case of performance degradation, customise operation range, maintenance contracts and plan interventions.

Manage assets, contracts & users

Define and manage assets’ contractual, financial and technical parameters. Manage multiple users, grant secure third-party access and share information with partners.


Manage maintenance operations with a smart phone

  • Ticketing system and intervention scheduling
  • Create intervention reports with a mobile
  • Plant geolocalisation
  • Document library access (EDL)
  • Mobile-CMMS-portal-solar-PV

    compatible with all measuring equipment

    Heterogeneous technologies ? Qantum® is compatible with all leading hardware manufacturers and communication protocols.

    Any sensor| data-logger | protocol| hardware manufacturer |transformer station

    fully customisable

    Heterogeneous business needs ? Qantum® allows to build bespoke tools, reports, indicators and analytics to cater for your business needs.

    Easily customise charts | reports | alerts | formulas | dashboards | contracts

    SaaS platform

    Seeking for flexibility and security ? Qantum® SaaS platform is available anytime, anywhere with unrivaled levels of performance, reliability and security.

    Accessible anywhere & anytime | swift implementation | user friendly | secure & reliable

    any data source

    Want to integrate third party data ? Qantum® is a fully open energy management platform.

    Weather forecast | epex spot | power management | satellite irradiation

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