With SaaS Qantum Solution,

Get a centralized vision over your fleet of infrastructures, and aggregate information from heterogeneous systems (BTG, GTC, meters, communicating devices …)

Consolidate consumption information (energy, fluids), air quality, and other data (weather, DJU …)

Create custom analysis indicators

Manage energy performance according to ISO 50001, IPMVP protocol

Supervise a multitude of technical installations – CVC, cold, surveillance…

Get alerted about malfunction, abnormal consumption

Plan, track, and control infrastructure interventions (SLAs, KPIs)

Report back to decision makers with custom content, communicate with shareholders

Using relevant and scalable features

Geo positioning

All your park facilities are placed on a virtual map – Google Map like. Keep an eye on the status and operations of each facilities using a simple pre-set colour code matching alarms criticality. Directly access the installation details by selecting the item on the map.

Operational Dashboard

Get a live reading of your infrastructure’s status based on a highly innovative 100% responsive ergonomics. The main performance indicators of your assets are shown in summary form to enable you to instantly locate failures or malfunctions.

Interactive mapping

Hardware equipment and parameters to be monitored can be laid out (objects or areas) on a free plane (block, ground plane, wiring diagram…) allowing you to instantly identify and locate issues, diagnose or log a maintenance ticket. At a glance, see the performance status of your installations.

Energy Performance Management

Leveraging up your own industry filed expertise, this unrivalled powerful tool is there to assist you in designing the technical and economic indicators allowing you to efficiently manage your infrastructure. The Qantum® analysis tool let you create time graphs, sectors monotonic curves, point clouds, wind rose for both space and time scales. It will also allow you to set up all the necessary indicators for energy management in compliance with the ISO 50001 standard.

Event Management

Events generated by hardware, equipment or by pre-set control rules are displayed under a journal layout where you can search through and use multiple filter criteria. Events listed come with statistical data (ie, accumulated times) so you can prioritize your actions therefore improve your overall performance.

Maintenance Management

Events and alerts generated can be linked to a maintenance ticket for optimal management through a comprehensive CMMS module which includes a ticketing system, SLA management system and a calendar module to help supervise your teams and electively plan both preventive and curative interventions. Field technicians have a dedicated access on their mobile devices to seamlessly keep track of the activity logs and communicate on progress under one roof.

And efficient communication tool

Produce custom reports to meet various requirements

An ergonomic and efficient tool to produce custom templates reports (content, layout, scop…) sent automatically on a pre-set time basis and to predefined receiver lists.

Dynamic Dashboard to raise users awareness

Customise content and layout using our dynamic dashboard to inform and raise awareness amongst shareholders.