Webinar: Harnessing Data Intelligence in Solar PV O&M

Machine Learning and Digital Wind
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How Machine Learning will help operators deliver extra value.Webinar

Maintaining Solar plants at optimum performance level requires strong data analysis, in correlation with extra productivity gained with new technologies. Machine Learning is gaining momentum across all industries and carries the promise to create a new source of insight towards enhanced Operation and maintenance (O&M) activities.

This presentation will show how Machine Learning and digital twins can be easily triggered to clean Maintenance Data, detect low-noise events, and ensure a first level of predictive maintenance.

QOS Energy will present case studies on real examples. It will demonstrate the advantages of a central flexible solution to deploy Data Intelligence technologies in an easy way.

The Webinar

QOS Energy is organizing a webinar in association with PV magazine about harnessing data intelligence in solar PV O&M. Or, how machine learning will help operators deliver extra value.

Discussion participants

Guillaume Saupin Speaker

Guillaume Saupin QOS Energy

Chief Data Science Officer at QOS Energy

Olivier Pasquier Speaker

Olivier Pasquier QOS Energy

Chief Marketing Officer at QOS Energy

Becky Beetz Moderator

Becky Beetz PV Magazine

Head of Content, PV Magazine


  • Working principles of machine learning
  • The Digital Twin and its applications for solar O&M
  • Case studies
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7th of June
10.00 CET