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17 December 2018

QOS Energy and its Client Community support a Renewable Electrification Project on an African school

For 2019, QOS Energy and its Client Community are participating in the financing and construction of a solar PV installation on a school building in Burkina Faso in Africa, in partnership with the endowment fund Synergie Solaire and the NGO Lumière pour Tous.


Wishing you a Sustainable New Year!

Learning at school requires adequate lightning. In Burkina Faso, the energy costs are high and towns which have access to a power station capable of providing energy for light after 5pm are scarce. Additional locational issues such as the season of the Harmattan – a north-easterly wind, very dry and hot, and most often dust-laden – means that teachers are regularly obliged to close the shutters between November and February. Classrooms are then plunged into darkness meaning holding classes is no longer possible.

Synergie Solaire - Education in Burkina FasoPhoto credits: Futur au Présent

For several years, the association Lumière Pour Tous supported by Synergie Solaire have committed their resources to aid in tackling this lighting issue in African schools by implementing a project to conceive, finance, build and maintain renewable electrification projects. Since the creation of the association, nine installations have been completed providing free electricity across eight schools. As a result, school rooms can be used for longer period of time resulting in better child education, propositions for evening adult courses and offering a safe and purposeful place to complete homework after sunset in Boromo City.


The social, economic and environmental impact of such projects are numerous. Providing light after dark helps not only to improve learning and teaching conditions, but also reduces functioning costs for the schools by providing cost-effective renewable power and promotes the development of renewable energies in the African continent.

Development of renewable energies in the African continentPhoto credits: Thibault de Montgrand – Lumière pour Tous

A new renewable generator is installed each year by a group of volunteering teachers and students from a school in Mulhouse, eastern France. This project is a strong human experience for these young volunteers who have the opportunity to put their skills at the service of others whilst also discovering a new culture. Lumière pour Tous is also responsible for the training of the local team, the Energie pour Tous association, to ensure the maintenance and operation of the plants. Throughout the year, Lumière pour Tous has weekly contacts (by telephone and / or SMS) with local beneficiaries and school directors to supervise the proper functioning of the facilities. 

The goal of the 2019 project is the electrification of new buildings of the high school of Boromo – a town with 26,000 inhabitants situated in central part of Burkina Faso – and the electrification of 3 new classrooms of the school of Ouroubonon – a small 2,000 inhabitant village 5 kms away from Boromo.  The project consists of installing a solar PV plant on the roof of the school along with a 600W wind turbine. The maintenance and operation of the plant will be ensured by local inhabitants specifically trained for this purpose.


Further support for this project – time, materials or financing – can be donated on Synergie Solaire website.

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About Synergie Solaire

Synergie Solaire: Endowment fund for the Renewable Energy sector

Synergie Solaire centralizes not only funds, but also the skills of companies in the sector, to technically and financially support selected NGOs, carriers of humanitarian energy access projects all over the world. A strong ambition for the future: To contribute to a better world for people and the planet. Synergie Solaire considers Sharing and Exchange to be fundamental values which enable it to position itself as a bridge between the world of NGOs and that of companies.

More about Synergie Solaire


About Lumière Pour Tous

The association LUMIERE POUR TOUS is an association created in April 2010 that aims at gathering people from two countries and two cultures, France and Burkina Faso, in order to give everyone access to light. To do so, the association realizes complete lightening installations and distributes electricity to the schools in the city of Boromo in Burkina-Faso.

More about Lumière pour Tous

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