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Satellite Irradiation Service

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Solargis Partners With QOS Energy for Satellite Irradiation Service

Acquiring gap-free and error-free solar radiation data for performance assessment can be quite challenging and expensive. Even more so if such data is to be systematically acquired for a large portfolio of PV systems across many regions.

QOS Energy partners with Solargis to provider turnkey satellite irradation service to customers, thereby ensuring accurate and precise irradiance-based Key Performance Indicators in the Qantum platform.


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About Solargis

Since 2010 Solargis develops and operates platform for fast access to historical, recent, and forecast data for almost any location on the Earth. On several occasions, our solar resource database has been independently identified as the most accurate and reliable. Our customers value our rigorous and systematic validation approach, resulting in low data uncertainties. Hundreds of customers worldwide use our photovoltaic software applications and web-based solutions to optimise construction, evaluation and management of solar power assets.

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