Renewable Analytics Cloud

A comprehensive set of functions to increase performance & reduce downtime

Monitor Diverse Asset Portfolios via a Single Solution

Supervise performance of  distributed renewable plants and storage facilities at a glance with user customizable dashboards.

  • Ensure consistently high availability and performance
  • Define and visualise plants’ key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Identify under-performing renewable plants & sensors
  • Create custom dashboards for key stakeholders (technical, financial, operational )
  • Get a unified vision of complex & heterogeneous portfolios
  • Aggregate whole portfolio energy production into Virtual Power Plants (VPP)
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Analyse on the fly to optimise performance

Easily create custom analytics to identify slight, immediate or progressive
performance degradations.

  • Create custom key performance indicators and analytics
  • Forecast energy productions by integrating third party weather forecast data
  • Analyse production losses in comparison with « ideal production » calculations
  • Perform root-cause analysis on equipment failure and plant degradation
  • Create custom alert thresholds and be immediately notified in case under-performance
  • Visualise and categorise events affecting plant performance

Maintain Efficiently to Increase Productivity

Digitalized Maintenance Workflow (CMMS) : manage preventative and corrective maintenance plans, react immediately in case of a performance degradation, customise operation range, maintenance contracts and manage maintenance reporting.

  • Optimise intervention management with the ticketing system
  • Follow up incident resolution, reduce meantime to resolution and manage intervention reports
  • Manage preventive and corrective maintenance plans
  • Manage teams with the calendar feature
  • Customise maintenance contracts’ parameters (SLA, intervention times, maintained facilities…)
  • Track supplier performances (Service Level Agreement)

Manage Assets, Reporting & Users

Define and manage assets’ financial, technical and contractual parameters.
Manage multiple users and grant custom third party access. Customise & automate reporting processes.

  • Automate periodic report creation (technical, financial, operational)
  • Create automated slideshows to easily share awareness
  • Manage users’ access rights
  • Exchange data with third party databases using to the bidirectional API
10 GW Monitored, Analysed, Maintained, Managed
8 000+ Renewable Plants Under Management
250+ Data Exchange Methods
7 Renewable Energies in One Dashboard

Qos Energy
powers qantum®

QOS Energy is an innovative independent software vendor specialising in data intelligence cloud solutions for renewable energy companies. QOS Energy operates in 23 countries worldwide, with offices in Europe, North America and India.

QOS Energy powers Qantum®, a renewable analytics cloud solution designed to maximise the performance of renewable plants and storage facilities. By seamlessly retrieving data from any plant and system , Qantum® provides renewable asset owners & operators access to performance analytics, dashboards, KPIs and machine learning tools. QOS Energy empowers clients to increase energy production and maximise returns for more than 8 000 facilities worldwide, including 10 GW of renewable power.