Qantum data monitoring dashboard

Renewable Monitoring, Data Analytics, O&M & Reporting

In a single cloud-based platform


Aggregate Data From Any Renewable Asset

Collect and clean data from any renewable plant, data acquisition system – SCADA, datalogger, database – and third-party service and aggregate it into one single cloud datahub.

wind data transformation

Transform Raw Data into Valuable Insights

Extract value from your renewable data by identifying asset losses and performance degradations using customized and flexible renewable analytics solutions.


Minimize Downtimes and Operating Costs

Streamline operational processes to increase availability and reduce maintenance costs.

maximize profits

Maximise Profitability

Leverage the wealth of data-driven decision making by seamlessly sharing information with stakeholders and third-party systems.

A Comprehensive Set of Functions

Monitor Complex Renewable Portfolios

Your Renewable Data on a Single Dashboard via Qantum®

Oversee the global performance of multiple renewable plants and storage facilities through fully flexible operational dashboards.

  • Get a unified vision of complex & heterogeneous renewable portfolios
  • Create personalized dashboards (technical, financial, and maintenance)
  • Ensure consistent high availability and performance
  • Define and visualize plants’ key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Identify under-performing plants, inverters, strings, or sensors
  • Aggregate data for multi-energy portfolios in a single dashboard
qantum data monitoring

Analyse Renewable Plant Performances

Leverage the Power of Custom Analytics to Maximize Renewable Energy Production

Deploy personalized analytics libraries and KPI calculations on your entire renewable assets portfolio to identify slight, immediate, and progressive performance degradations.

  • Analyze production losses in comparison with “solar digital twins”
  • Be alerted in case of an under-performance using smart alarms
  • Diagnose the root-cause of underperformances (breakdown, faults, instabilities etc.)
  • Visualize and categorize events affecting renewable plant performances
  • Customize performance analytics for every individual plant configuration (string monitoring, tracker analytics, combiner boxes, etc.)
  • Enrich analytics and KPIs using data from third-party providers such as power forecast, satellite irradiance or machine learning providers
Analyse renewable plant performance

Maintain Renewable Assets Portfolio Efficiently

Digitalize renewable plant maintenance workflow through Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Manage preventative and curative maintenance plans, react immediately in case of performance degradation, manage maintenance reporting, and customize operations range and maintenance contracts.

  • Optimize intervention management using Ticketing System
  • Follow up on incident resolution, reduce mean time to resolution and manage intervention reports
  • Manage preventive and curative maintenance plans
  • Optimize planning for field technicians using calendars
  • Customize maintenance contracts’ parameters (SLA, intervention times, maintained facilities, etc.)
  • Follow up on suppliers’ performance (service level agreement)
Renewable CMMS

Manage Assets, Reporting & Users

Automate Asset Management and Reporting Processes

Define and manage your assets’ financial, technical and contractual parameters. Manage multiple users and grant custom third-party access. Customize & automate reporting processes on thousands of plants using reporting templates.

  • Automate periodic report creation (technical, financial, etc.)
  • Create automated slideshows to share awareness
  • Manage user access rights
  • Exchange data with third-parties via API
renewable O&M, reporting processes

Connect your Ecosystem

Do More in Less Time using Qantum® Integrations

Say goodbye to tedious, time-consuming manual tasks. With Qantum’s integrations, enrich your renewable data analytics environment, and share data seamlessly with third-parties such as:

  • Asset management platforms
  • Weather data providers
  • Power forecast providers
  • Computerized Maintenance Management Solutions (CMMS)
  • Remote meter reading solutions
  • PPAs and market prices
  • Statistical computing tools
  • BI reporting

Main Advantages



Connect any renewable plant


Acquire data from any system

Any stakeholder

EPC, Owner, IPP, O&M, Asset Manager, Investor

Saas & Cloud

Available anytime on any device

Fast setup

Delivered turnkey


Regular updates & new features

Secure & Reliable

99,5% availability


High data volume processing

Fast & Intuitive

Fast & great user experience (UX)

Cost effective

No hardware replacement cost

Functional Architecture

qantum cloud data management system
Qantum Mobile App

Qantum® Mobile Apps

Analytics & CMMS Mobile Apps Available on Android and iOS

Get real-time performance analytics using Qantum® Nano app: Dashboards, Plant Status, KPIs

  • Manage maintenance using Qantum® CMMS App: Tickets, Interventions, Reports, EDL

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