New Ambitions, New Corporate Identity for QOS Energy

Corporate Identity

QOS Energy Unveils its New Corporate Identity, Reflecting its Positioning and its Ambitions


Rich in meaning, the new corporate identity capitalises on the key values ​​of QOS Energy, independence, innovation, agility, sustainability and Quality of Service. The mission that powers QOS Energy is to transform billions of raw data sets into valuable insights for the renewable industry.

The new corporate identity consists of two matching logos and an iconographic universe specific to QOS Energy, its advantages, solutions and values. This identity aims to link the company’s two brands – QOS Energy and Qantum – closer together using the letter Q as a unique icon.

The Q encapsulate a visualisation of the data that clients entrust QOS Energy to manage securely and efficiently. This letter represents a magnifying glass sharpening the focus on data intelligence, a key value proposition of the Qantum® Cloud platform.

The new tag line – data intelligence – translates QOS Energy’s value proposition to provide its clients with not only meaningful data analytics but more importantly with insightful decision-making tools, helping them maximise returns and reduce operating costs.

This new identity also aims to support further International ambitions of QOS Energy. Operating in 23 countries today, QOS Energy has rapidly gained market share, securing a roster of Europe’s, North America’s and India’s largest renewable energy producers, asset managers and O&M services providers.