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The Qantum® cloud-based data analytics platform features a powerful API for client users and partner integrations.

API 2.0

Api illustration

You can connect Qantum® with your company’s existing software tools such as CMMS, invoicing, asset management, or BI reporting platform. The API 2.0 allows you to share data seamlessly with third-party systems and providers, helping you to focus on what brings value to your business.



Qantum® API 2.0 is multi-sensor, multi-energy, and multi-plant. You can fetch multiple datasets on a heterogeneous portfolio using a single query. You can automate routine operations, run complex and advanced statistical analytics, and perform informed decision-making.



Following the JSON:API standards, API 2.0 is user-friendly. Online documentation, tutorials, and a developer portal are available 24/7 to help users (beginners or experts) get started.



Qantum® API 2.0 is designed to be under constant evolution. Regular product developments and updated online documentation would be at your disposal.


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