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Centralize your data

Scalable, Reliable, and Secure Data Acquisition from any Renewable Asset

With more than 250 methods to connect and collect data from renewable assets, QOS Energy’s data monitoring platform Qantum® is designed to centralize data in a single data-hub, regardless of the type of plant, system, database, or sensor. Collecting data from millions of sensors every day, Qantum® is highly scalable and stores efficiently and securely times-series and event-based data from thousands of renewable facilities.

Vania Mesrob - Coronal Energy

“Before consolidating our O&M management with QOS Energy, we used to rely on as much as five different monitoring platforms. That obviously generated a lot of unnecessary work for our performance team and created inconsistencies across our KPIs. Not only was it far too time consuming, it was also impossible to explore a portfolio-wide view or compare the performance of different projects as data was coming in five different formats.
Unsurprisingly, our asset management team is very happy with this move”.

Vania Mesrob, VP Asset Management of Coronal Energy.
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Monitor Large Renewable Portfolios

Manage your renewable portfolio with Qantum’s customizable dashboards

Monitor your renewable assets’ performance on dashboards designed to fit various user profiles. Identify your assets’ untapped potential and start continuous optimization of your portfolio’s performance.

Adam Snyder, Product Manager from SOLV

“We operate and maintain on behalf of our clients a broad and diverse PV portfolio that requires industry-leading plant management skills. The solution provided by QOS Energy can integrate any type of data, which is a powerful and truly unique capability in the market. We can now track asset performance with greater efficiency, and, in turn provide optimum value to our clients.“

Adam Snyder, Product Manager from SOLV.
Boost your Plants Performance

Boost your Plants’ Performance

Uncover the true value of  your renewable plants using data analytics

Industrialize the deployment of personalized renewable analytics libraries using custom formula based calculations, across thousands of plants in a few steps. Ensure best performance levels using in-depth analytics for each plant. Performances can be bench-marked through creation of digital twins uncovering hidden sources of revenue.

Jens Kahnert, Managing Director of Greentech Services.
“Having a comprehensive solution which includes monitoring, analytics, maintenance, ticketing, reporting and asset management truly empowers Greentech Services to provide outstanding level of performance to our clients. Besides, the capacity to acquire data from any system, plant or database is a unique and essential feature for our business activity.”

Jens Kahnert, Managing Director of Greentech Services.
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Streamline Operations and Maintenance

Digitalize O&M Processes to Save Time and Optimise Costs

Move from reactive to proactive operations and maintenance (O&M) processes. Qantum® offers a unique computerized renewable plant maintenance management system, which includes calendar, ticketing system and contract management features, all in a single working environment.

Melanie von Borstel, Co-Founder & Operations Director at ensibo
“QOS Energy’s management platform is a smart and flexible solution that offers the data acquisition, analytics, ticketing system, and reporting features required to operate our plants in a cost-efficient manner.”

Melanie von Borstel, Co-Founder & Operations Director at ensibo.

Enhance Performance with Data Driven Decision-making

Share insights with stakeholders and automate routine tasks

Customize and automate reporting processes on large renewable portfolios using personalized reporting templates. Manage user-access rights and share information with partners, investors, owners and service providers.

Julien Colas, Operations Manager at Cap Vert Energie
“We have used the renewable monitoring and management platform powered by QOS Energy since 2012. It is a complete solution for managing and operating solar photovoltaic portfolios, from data analytics to the custom reporting. We have asked QOS Energy to set up a collection of very specific parameters which ensures the optimisation of the plant performance.”

Julien Colas, Operations Manager at CVE
renewable O&M, reporting processes

Build your Digital Ecosystem

Do more in less time with Qantum® integrations

With Qantum’s integrations, enrich your data analytics environment and exchange data seamlessly with third-parties such as:

  • Asset management platforms
  • Weather data providers
  • Power forecast providers
  • Computerized Maintenance Management Solutions (CMMS)
  • Remote meter reading solutions
  • PPAs and market prices
  • Statistical computing tools
  • BI reporting
Build Your Digital Ecosystem

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