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Harness the Power of Renewable Data


Independence, agility, & innovation

QOS Energy’s strategic positioning is to provide impartial decision-making solutions to our customers. Support and consulting services are focused on the customer’s best interest with the highest level of confidentiality.

QOS Energy’s development and R&D roadmap is defined in partnership with our customers using user-based experience and market trends.


Trusted by leading renewable asset operators worldwide

Operating in 23 countries, we are dedicated to delivering superior returns to our clients by maximizing revenue, reducing operational expenses, and minimizing downtimes. We work alongside leading renewable developers, EPCs, asset owners, O&M service providers, and asset managers.


Continuous development, innovation & research

We invest heavily in innovation, software development, and R&D programs, with an aim to maximize client asset value (energy production, financial performance, process optimization). Our goal is to help our clients to harness the value of renewable data with Industrial IoT, data analytics, and cloud computing.


Support, training, and assistance services to accompany along the way

Our team of multi-lingual engineers is dedicated to maximizing client asset value by providing data analytics solutions, day-to-day consulting, and support services.

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Executive team


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Qos Energy Powers Qantum®

Founded in 2010, QOS Energy is an independent asset monitoring and management software vendor, specialized in data solutions for renewable asset owners and operators.

QOS Energy offers a unique blend of expertise in Industrial IoT, data exchange, analytics, and cloud computing solutions. We power Qantum®, an all-in-one renewable data hub, which collects, cleans, stores, computes, and transforms raw data into valuable insights. It helps clients harness the power of renewable data by providing real-time data analytics solutions for multiple plants and millions of sensors across the world.

We have designed Qantum® to maximize renewable energy production and optimize asset management and Operations & Maintenance (O&M) processes. It allows seamless data retrieval from any renewable plant or storage facility, provides the renewable asset owners and operators access to performance analytics, custom dashboards, KPIs, and machine learning tools.

QOS Energy operates in 23 countries, with offices in Europe, North America, and India, empowering clients worldwide to increase energy production. Today, QOS Energy maximizes returns for over 8000 facilities, entailing 10 GW of renewable power.

Member of

Member of Wind Europe Logo SolarPower Europe

1 200+ Clients-Users of the Qantum® Platform
3 Offices in Europe, India, North America
10 GW Under Management
23+ Countries of Operations
50+ Energy Engineers, Software Developers & Analysts, Data Acquisition Specialists

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