Harness Data Intelligence

QOS Energy powers Qantum®, a cloud-based data intelligence platform designed to drive up the performance of renewable plants and storage facilities.

Harness the intelligence of your renewable data using our powerful cloud solutions.

Transform Data Into Intelligence

Customise analytics for better data-driven decision making.
+ Create custom dashboards, analytics, alerts, calculations
+ Pinpoint immediately under-performing plants or devices
+ Analyse root-causes of under-performance

Increase Availability

Minimise downtime and operating costs.
+ Save time & money on operations
+ Optimise maintenance planning & costs
+ From custom alerts to intervention management in 3 clicks

Maximize Profitability

Involve all stakeholders to optimise asset performance.
+ Visualise portfolio performance on a single dashboard
+ Identify gaps, take action, analyse results & iterate
+ Share information with third parties & stakeholders

7 000+ Plants Under Management
250+ Data Exchange Protocols
to connect any plant, system or database
9+ GW
Monitored, Analysed, Maintained, Managed
23 Countries Of Operations
Europe, India ,America

Qos Energy
powers Qantum®

QOS Energy is an innovative independent software vendor specialising in data intelligence cloud solutions for renewable energy companies. QOS Energy operates in 23 countries worldwide, with offices in Europe, North America and India.

QOS Energy powers Qantum®, a renewable analytics cloud solution designed to maximise the performance of renewable plants and storage facilities. By seamlessly retrieving data from any plant and system , Qantum® provides renewable asset owners & operators access to performance analytics, dashboards, KPIs and machine learning tools. QOS Energy empowers clients to increase energy production and maximise returns for more than 7 000 facilities worldwide, including 9 GW of renewable power.

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100+ leading renewable
companies rely on QOS Energy