Pumped Hydro Storage + Solar

SunHydrO's Combined Solar PV & Pumped Hydro Storage Uses QOS Energy's EMS

Innovative Energy Management System for SunHydrO’s Solar+Storage R&D Project

Type of Plant

Pumped Hydro Storage | Solar PV

Power (solar)

12 MWp



Client Activity

Energy Aggregator

Innovative Energy Management System for SunHydrO’s Solar+Storage R&D Project

QOS Energy Delivers Innovative Energy Management System (EMS) to SunHydrO’s Solar + Storage R&D Project

QOS Energy, a leading renewable O&M analytics software provider, has completed the delivery of an innovative Energy Management System (EMS) to SunHydrO, a combined renewable energy and storage R&D project led by French aggregator Sun’R Smart Energy. The SunHydrO project aims to foster the grid integration of variable renewable energy sources with the added flexibility offered by pumped hydro storage units.

The SunHydrO project can integrate distributed renewable energy into the grid by coupling it to a pumped hydro storage in a Virtual Power Plant, increasing both the flexibility and the value of the energy system on the electricity markets.


About Sun’R Smart Energy

“Speed up the energy transition” is the moto of Sun’R Smart Energy. To achieve this objective, the company is committed to develop energy storage projects and, as a RES aggregator, to couple those flexible assets with variable renewable generation and foster their introduction into the grid. Sun’R Smart Energy is active in France and plans to develop in the main zones where storage is relevant.

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