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O&M Service Provider ensibo, Streamlines Management of 120 MWp PV Portfolio

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O&M Service Provider

O&M Service Provider ensibo, Streamlines Management of 120 MWp PV Portfolio

ensibo, a German-based Solar O&M Service Provider, has chosen QOS Energy’s Qantum® Software to Streamline the Management of the 120 MWp Solar PV Portfolio under its Care

Qantum® is an innovative cloud analytics platform that enables the efficient aggregation and analysis of raw data streams generated by ensibo’s plants. ensibo is an independent provider of
O&M services for solar power plants. The company services solar PV plants ranging from 250 kWp to 50 MWp for renewable energy investors, asset managers and independent power producers.

Solar PV Plant Ensibo



“QOS Energy’s management platform is a smart and flexible solution that offers the data acquisition, analytics, ticketing system, and reporting features required to operate our plants in a cost-efficient manner.”

Melanie von Borstel

Co-Founder & Operations Director at ensibo

About ensibo

ensibo is an independent service provider for Operations & Maintenance of solar power plants. Our processes are targeted to secure the long-term profitability of every photovoltaic power plant under our management. ensibo stands for a lean organization, consistent service adaptation to customer needs and one of the most extensive and at once efficient service programs for solar power plants. The company is based in Hamburg, Germany, and acts on both national and international level.

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