Corsica Sole selects QOS Energy to monitor its 100 MWp + 50 MWh Solar & Storage

18 February 2021

Corsica Sole, the first independent energy producer in Corsica and a major player in the photovoltaic field in France since 2009, has chosen QOS Energy’s cloud-based analytics solution Qantum® to monitor its 100 MWp + 50 MWh of PV & storage portfolio.

Corsica Sole PV Plant

Battery electricity storage is a key technology in the world’s transition to a sustainable energy system. Corsica Sole owns and operates a total portfolio of 100 MWp of solar and 50 MWh of storage in Corsica, France mainland, and Reunion islands. It also owns an in-house built Energy Management System customizable for its ground-mounted PV plant and storage portfolio.

Operating a mix of storage and solar assets adds new complexities and needs a proper data monitoring platform capable of providing detailed performance analytics. In order to monitor the assets’ daily performance, Corsica Sole, in addition to its customizable EMS, searched for a solution that could be adapted and personalized for its EMS and, provided portfolio-wide performance analytics (reporting and alerts).

QOS Energy’s cloud-based monitoring and analytics platform Qantum® was selected for its unique ability to acquire data from any type of plant, data acquisition system, or database in a single cloud-based platform.


Maxime Moreau“We compared many data monitoring & analytics solutions for our assets. But we found the solution provided by QOS Energy to be the best in terms of flexibility, performance, and technical ability. The QOS Energy team worked hand in hand with our programmers to develop a customized solution fit for our diverse plants and EMS. Qantum® will allow us to perform in-depth real-time complex calculations, that no other platform on the market demonstrates to do.”

Maxime Moreau, Operations Manager, Corsica Sole


Qantum® today monitors the Corsican IPP’s solar and storage assets portfolio in perfect harmony with their energy management system. Furthermore, QOS Energy delivered specific analytics to monitor and analyze the functioning of the trackers installed on the Giuncaggio plant, a 5 MW solar + 7.5 MWh storage facility. The team at QOS Energy is privileged and excited to welcome Corsica Sole on board and carry forward this collaboration.


Fabrice WacogneWe strive to listen, understand, and constantly adapt our solutions to our clients’ requirements. Each customer has its strategy, typology of assets, and consequently a set of distinct requirements. This diversity is a true challenge but is also an opportunity for us to showcase our product’s flexibility and responsiveness.”

Fabrice Wacogne, Director of Operations, QOS Energy

Qantum® provides detailed analytics and performance insights which in turn empowers asset owners and operators to enhance plant performance, minimize downtimes, optimize the allocation of resources and O&M activities.

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About Corsica Sole

Founded in 2009, Corsica Sole is the leading independent producer of ground-based photovoltaic energy storage in Corsica and the French Non-Interconnected Zones (ZNI)*. With innovation at its core, Corsica Sole is also the first operator of grid-connected batteries in France. With several projects in progress in Martinique, Guyana, and Guadeloupe, Corsica Sole aims at reaching 1 GW of installed capacity by 2028.

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*ZNI: It stands for Zones Non-Interconnectés (Non-Interconnected Zones) and represents the French islands whose geographical remoteness prevents or limits them from having a connection to the French mainland electricity grid.


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