QOS Energy Launches a CMMS Mobile App for Field Technicians

19 October 2018

CMMS Mobile App


Field Technicians are Busy People who are Always on the Go

They get repair requests, manage interventions, travel onsite and complete reporting after the intervention. They need to have access to maintenance tickets, interventions and plant information no matter where they are. How can they accomplish all of this?
They can now use the Qantum® CMMS mobile App, powered by QOS Energy, available on iOS and Android.


QOS Energy Helps more than 100 Leading Renewable Firms

QOS Energy helps more than 100 leading renewable firms manage operations & maintenance of more than 5000 renewable facilities including solar PV plants, wind farms, storage facilities and biomass plants.

Included in Qantum® is a fully digitised maintenance management process, custom alerts to intervention management in a few clicks and under one single platform.

“Be able to digitise maintenance management processes is a real game changer since it contributes greatly to reducing mean time to repair and optimise maintenance workflows, thereby increasing portfolio availability and reducing maintenance costs. ”

The Qantum® maintenance management solution – CMMS –provides the possibility for technicians to quickly act on when a plant is under-performing, dispatching technicians and making sure they intervene on time. The CMMS feature, built by QOS Energy, includes a Maintenance Contract management and Calendar feature which help clients organise their day-to-day maintenance activities for their whole portfolio.

This new application enables field technicians to view & edit ticket or interventions, localise or get information about the plant’s technical information and manage the field reporting after the intervention. Qantum® offers an all-in-one application for maintenance team, directly connected to the monitoring data & alert management system of the Qantum® platform.


Manage Intervention Reporting with your Mobile

Visualize Ticket Details, View Plant Technical Information & Download Documents

Available on iOS & Android



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