Renewables Account for Almost Three Quarters of New Capacity in 2019

09 April 2020

A Total of 2537 GW Global Renewable Capacity

The IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency) recently published their annual Renewable Capacity Statistics 2020. The global capacity installed in renewable energies reached 2 537 GW by the end of the year.

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The report shows that renewable energy sources count for 72% of new power capacity installed in 2019 worldwide, confirming the dominant position of renewables among new energy installations.


+176 GW of Renewable Energies in 2019 (installed capacity)

While 2019 additions of generating capacity globally amount to 176 GW (+7,4%), renewable power growth outperformed by a 2.6 factor, fossil fuel growth. Solar and wind power represent 90% of this added capacity, pushing their total generation capacity to 623 GW (+10%) for wind energy and 586 GW (+20%) for solar. Together, solar and wind weigh 47% of the global renewable mix (in installed capacity), with hydropower leading in electricity generated.


Fast Growing Markets, New Needs

Despite a slightly slower pace compared to 2018, 54% of the new installed capacity is in Asia. Europe and North America confirm the long-term tendencies with increasing growth and net decommissioning of non-renewable energies.

While this is good news in regard of climate change, those fast-growing markets call for the needs of automating and digitalizing processes. Power producers behind the new installed capacity will rely on software to monitor, maintain and manage their renewable installations.

With its cutting-edge custom analytics, the Qantum® cloud platform is able to integrate any energy type to centralize assets’ operational data in one single datahub.

Renewable Energies in 2020 Infographic


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