[ Webinar ] Hybrid Plant Development and Monitoring Best Practices

04 October 2019

O&M & Development Best Practices for Solar+Storage & Microgrid Systems

Live Webinar

In the inevitable expansion of renewable energies, large utility-scale solar projects often make the headlines. But, there exists another, much more significant trend that is getting far less media attention. As time progresses, hundreds and even thousands of small and medium-sized solar+storage systems are being installed.

This is a dominant market trend worldwide, since energy consumers are in need of a reliable and cost-effective power supply. This is particularly true for off-grid or island locations that receive either an interrupted power supply or none at all.

Although smaller, these hybrid – solar+storage+diesel –  plants need almost the same level of conception, development and O&M attention that utility-scale solar plants do. This webinar will deliver an introduction to hybrid microgrids and key success factors for the development, operation, maintenance, and monitoring of solar+battery off-grid plants and microgrids.

Through a real-world case study, QOS Energy and DHYBRID will present their experience and best practices in this area of work.



  • Market overview – solar+storage and microgrids
  • The types of hybrid and microgrid solutions
  • A case study on a solar+storage+diesel plant
  • Q&A



Fabian Baretzky

Technical Sales Manager at DHYBRID

Gilles Estivalet - CMO at QOS Energy

Gilles Estivalet

Chief Marketing Officer at QOS Energy

Join the Live Webinar on Tuesday 22th October 2019
Two sessions available, at 10:00 and 17:00 CEST.

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