Introducing Qantum’s New Advanced Reporting Capabilities

19 March 2019

Advanced Reporting

Generate sleek performance reports on complex renewable portfolios with our new smart automated system.

Today, the ability to generate and deliver top quality asset performance reports to clients is a key requirement for any asset manager, O&M service provider or IPP. That is why QOS Energy has developed a new advanced reporting module that radically improves the speed, ease and efficiency of performance reporting for multi-energy asset portfolios – including wind, solar, storage and hybrid plants.

Create advanced reports from customisable templates

“Some of our clients deliver up to 100 automated reports each day to multiple stakeholders, asset owners, investors and clients. Every report has different content, KPIs and corporate look and feel. It is very important to ensure spotless reporting at a high-performance level, with strong data quality and good content.”,

explains Jean-Yves Bellet, Chief Product Officer at QOS Energy.

Offering innovative features supported by Qantum®’s powerful computing abilities, our new reporting engine will help renewable asset managers gain valuable time, improve decision-making processes and ultimately help increase power production and reduce costs.


Centralise reporting on multiple & diverse renewable plants using report templates

Reporting on complex multi-technology portfolios can now be managed in a few clicks using custom reporting templates, completely removing the need to manually retrieve and assemble data from multiple data sources.

In a few straightforward steps, users can now select their analytics, KPIs and corporate colours, and let Qantum® work for them: the reporting engine will automatically and consistently retrieve the data you need across a large number of renewable plants of any type. Qantum® will then lay the information out in a single report and distribute it to your stakeholders with selected regularity, file format, content, period, granularity and scope.

“Our new reporting module offers great flexibility and power. It shares the DNA of the Qantum® renewable analytics environment and includes advanced data analytics, multiple types of charts, formula-based calculations, custom KPIs or data from third-party providers such as forecasters and energy markets”,

continues Jean-Yves.


Benefit from highly customisable and adaptable reporting

Reports can be tailored to your specific needs through 12 customisable sections, which will display maintenance interventions and your analytics of choice, such as charts, heatmaps or tables.
Our reports boast a sleek look which makes them easy to read. Thanks to our user-friendly interface, you will be able to brand all documents using your company’s or client’s corporate identity.

Speed up your report creation using the Analytics Library

Qantum® offers a pre-configured analytics library that will considerably facilitate the initial setup of your reports. Users can now simply pick and choose relevant KPIs from the library and apply them consistently across hundreds of renewable plants. Using the inbuilt Analytics Library, you will be able to generate compelling reports and benchmark the performance of your renewable plants in the blink of an eye.


Visualise comments and situation assessment logs on the report to provide superior insights to clients

Even if a picture is worth a thousand words, you will sometimes need to provide your own commentary, recommendations or analysis alongside graphs, tables and charts.
A new comment management feature has been added that will enable users to add important notes to each section of the report and visualise past comments through history logs, thereby improving information quality and team collaboration.


Qantum®’s new advanced reporting module will be presented at Solar Asset Management North America and Wind Europe Bilbao. Available for use on the Qantum® platform at the end of April 2019.

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