Renewable Performance Analytics in your Pocket with the new Mobile App by QOS Energy

18 June 2019

New Mobile App

QOS Energy, a leading provider of data renewable analytics solutions, has announced today the launch of its latest analytics mobile application for wind and solar plants : Qantum® Nano.


Introducing the Qantum® Nano Application

Renewable energy plants today transmit vast amounts of data, including continuous streams of measurements such as voltage, current, irradiance, temperature, wind speed and plant functioning status, to name a few.  That is where QOS Energy comes in: transforming unintelligible and disparate data into valuable insights and decision-making tools.

As an independent software vendor, QOS Energy’s Qantum® platform enables renewable asset owners, service providers, and investors to harness the value of their data by providing insightful analytics solutions on one SaaS platform. These analytics – dashboards, analyses, alerts and reporting capabilities – help managers and operators increase energy production and reduce downtime of thousands of renewable plants worldwide.

Smartphones showing Qantum Nano App

Renewable energy analysts can spend their entire day thoroughly analysing ways to optimise performance and reduce downtime to a minimal level for their renewable assets. For their part, senior management needs a direct access to streamlined renewable analytics, plant statuses and trends in the palm of their hand.

Jean-Yves Bellet“Qantum® Nano provides real-time, interactive and intuitive renewable energy performance analytics in a sleek form. It is designed mostly for senior management and end-users who want to get an immediate overview of the performance of their portfolio, but is also useful for other users too.”

explains Jean-Yves Bellet, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at QOS Energy.


The mobile application offered by QOS Energy includes a set of comprehensive analytics brought to users’ fingertips. In a few swipes, renewable asset owners can get an overview of the performance of their portfolio, including plant functioning status and performance levels. They can also benchmark the performance of their plants against their initial business plan without the need to access the complete Qantum® platform.

3 screens of Qantum Nano App


Application available on Android and iOS

Qantum® platform users can access the application using their Qantum® login credentials.

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